Ibike Power

TG iBike Power : Additional battery for GPS, iPhone, Coyote ...



TG iBike Power is a portable power reserve with two USB outputs.
TG Power iBike measure only 3.5" and very thin, it fits stay in your pocket or directly into the TG So Easy Rider V5 Smart.

How does it work ?

 Connect the USB cable from your device to the battery and press the button. You go for long hours of use !
To check, also press the button and LED will indicate the battery level.

Which cable to use ?

1 - You can use the cable that came with your device, space is provided in the cover TG So Easy Rider V5 Smart.
2 - Our special cables with a length of 20 cm are specially designed to reduce congestion.

Our cables are equipped with a transistor for energy management device. This allows a perfect load control and avoid excessive consumption of battery.

Technical specificities:

- 1 USB ports
- Power 3200 MaH

- Dim.: 100x62x15mm - 130 g
- Compatible with iPad, Android, Coyote, Scala Rider ...
- Provides power to all devices up to 1 amp

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